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Publishing Events to Look Forward to in 2024

Publishing events are a chance to geek out about books, writing, and reading. Here's what on my 2024 roster.

I was recently at a social gathering where someone, after learning what I do for a living, asked me a question about publishing. This curious and well-intentioned individual was then subjected to a 10-minute monologue about narrative plotting that was undoubtedly more than they bargained for. At some point, I cut myself off and admitted: "I'm so sorry for talking your ear off—but I love chatting about this stuff." I then recommended a book they could check out for more information (Save the Cat! Writes a Novel, by Jessica Brody) and slunk away.

Moments like those are perfect reminders of why I've decided to start making space in my calendar to attend publishing industry events. Writing is often a solitary pursuit, and it's rare that I get to talk shop with other writers, editors, and publishing professionals. Publishing industry events are my opportunity to talk, learn, connect, network, and generally celebrate the ups and downs of being a professional book worm.

In 2024, I've slotted two events in the agenda so far: the London Book Fair, from March 12 - 14, and the Frankfurter Buchmesse, from October 16 - 20. I've already started connecting with other attendees and exhibitors on LinkedIn and am so excited to see people in person to talk all things books.

And, yes, I may be fangirling about the authors attending these events, too. As I get older and the world around me seems to get darker, I've gained a new appreciation for the storytellers who can transport us out of our immediate reality, even if just for a moment. Yes, publishing is a business, but the books are what drives it—and a great story is at the heart of every great book. I look forward to connecting with others at this year's publishing events who feel as passionately about that as I do.

See you there!

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NOW that that's done... I'd love to hear from you about this blog post in the comments!

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