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Beyond Books: What Will the Future of Storytelling Look Like?

Multimedia storytelling has a bright future. But is the "boring" old book in danger?

The world increasingly has us inhabiting a digital space, a trend that has no signs of slowing down. The COVID-19 pandemic definitely played a part in moving us all online. These days, you can attend fashion shows, go to concerts, and travel the world—all from the comfort of your couch. With tech like virtual reality, it's possible.

The old-fashioned book also seems to be ready for a revamp. Companies like Tales Creator promise readers an "immersive" experience, bringing written texts to life with the support of animations, videos, and other graphics. Then, there's the slew of serialized fiction platforms, some of which give readers the chance to call the shots and vote on how a story proceeds. Interactive fiction platforms like Twine, Quest, and Squiffy are also a hot topic.

I personally am incredibly excited about the future of multimedia storytelling and love the diversity of platforms available, from serialized to interactive fiction. But I'm also wondering if the good old-fashioned book — just words on a page and nothing more — is in danger. And I'm wondering: What do readers want? Does every reader want graphics and animation in their story? Does every reader want the chance to influence the story's outcome? Or do some readers just want to sit back, relax... and read?

I think there's plenty of space out there for all kinds of stories to be told. And I fully recognize that the more diversity we have in terms of media, the better book-lovers as a whole are served. Audio books are a great example of how evolving past the traditional printed book benefits more people. I just hope that the musty old library book, with its cracked spine and dusty pages, is still here in 20 years.

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