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I write for a living. I also write for fun (and wouldn't you want to hire a writer who actually enjoys writing?!)


Currently, I'm focusing my creative energy on two personal projects:

Short Stories for Short Attention Spans

I'm currently completing a collection of short stories scheduled for release in autumn 2023. The short stories are all creative fiction, with a horror/dystopian bent. The working title for the collection is "Heroes, Villains, and Everyone in Between." Keep watching this space for updates.


The TikTok Project

I'm also flexing my creativity with a new experiment: The TikTok Project. Starting January 1, 2023, I'm posting an ultra short story on TikTok every day. You can read more about my motivation for the project here and you can follow along (or join in—I share the writing prompts I use, so others can take part) on TikTok. Find me on TikTok.

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