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for a story...

Hi there — I’m Alison and I tell stories.

More specifically, I offer content creation and consulting services rooted in skilled storytelling.


An ex-pharma lobbyist, I now specialize in writing B2C content around healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and medicine. Whether the topic is a personalized medicines breakthrough or COVID-19 prevention, these complex issues affect everyday people every day. Storytelling takes such complicated subjects and discusses them in a way that engages and informs audiences.

1. Who I am

I've been writing professionally for a decade. I don't just craft content, I sell a story. 


2. What I do

  • Copywriting: Copy is a science. I know the formula for success.

  • Blog writing: Blog posts speak to your target audience. Connect them to your message.

  • Ghostwriting: Want to boost your brand? My ghostwriting will convey your voice and expand your reach.


3. How I do it

I use my expert knowledge, skills, and personal experience  to craft content that makes people take action. The formats are varied, from a 280-character Tweet to a 3,000-word academic journal submission. Each "story" is tailored to the client's precise needs, allowing for maximum impact.