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Everyone has a story.

I can help you tell yours.
My Story
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My Story

Hi, I'm Alison! A ghostwriter with over 10 years of experience, I've had 16 books published, including 2 Amazon bestsellers. I've written for names like Forbes Books, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, and ABC News, among others.

I help creatives and innovators establish their authority as thought leaders. All it takes is a great story. My clients have ranged from social media mavens to professional stylists and beyond. They use their books to build their brands, generate leads, attract new audiences, secure speaking engagements, and more. A book can also be adapted for a podcast, blog, course—there are many options.

I hold a Bachelor's in English from McGill University, a Master's in Comparative Literature from the Freie Uni in Berlin, and a Professional Writing Certificate from Georgetown University.

In addition to writing for a living, I also write for fun (and wouldn't you like to hire a writer who actually enjoys writing)? I'm currently working on a book of short stories, Heroes, Villains, and Everyone In-between, due for publication in Spring 2024.


I'm also busy with The TikTok Project, posting an ultra short story every day for 365 days. Check it out here.

Who I've Worked With
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Who I've Worked With
What People Are Saying

Alison Kilian is among the most professional, responsive, and talented ghostwriters I've ever worked with. Her writing skills are superb, capturing complex ideas with eloquence and clarity...


Editorial Manager, Forbes Books


What People Are Saying
My Porfolio
My Portfolio

Ghostwriters often can't share their work because of NDAs. Luckily, I also do other writing, which I am allowed to share! Some authors I've worked with have also generously acknowledged our collaboration, for which I'm deeply grateful. Some favorite stories: 

Germany's Older Generations Take Up Graffiti (Spiegel International)

Facebook Rankings Reflect National Stereotypes (ABC News)

U.S. News & World Report Contributor Profile

A Royal Match (I also write fiction!)

I am a member of the Author's Guild and the Association of Ghostwriters. You are also wecome to view my C.V.

My Blog
My Blog
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